11 days ago

And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! Go to the Global Hacks - Compete for Fame gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and get feedback from fellow hackers.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

11 days ago

Winners are being announced...

Global Hacks will be officially declared over and the winners will be announced at the closing ceremony which starts in less than 10 minutes...

Tune in to our closing ceremony, live on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ocv6PGzOZc

No problem if you miss it, you can check back later to see the winners...


16 days ago

Global Hacks Begings Today....

Hi Hackers,

  The day is finally here--Global Hacks begins today! If you still haven't joined the Discord server join now; The server link is: https://discord.gg/DXCQak.  You can now start hacking under one of the selected tracks. You have 4 days to finish hacking and make a 2 mins video demonstrating your project.   We are all super excited to get the event started and to see what you all can make. Happy hacking everyone!   Regards, Global Hacks Team

16 days ago

We are just 12 hours away from Global Hacks...

There's just 12 hours more for the Hackathon to begin officially... Your teams must be ready by now and hackers can start hacking when the hackathon begins.

We have shared the coupon code for $20 off Linode Service in our Discord Server.

Also the Wolfram One 30 days Access Email was sent to all participants...


If you still haven't joined our Discord server join now here.

And we've noticed that some participants still haven't filled out the typeform for registration. Please note that you won't be eligible for prizes if you don't fill out this typeform. So, fill…

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19 days ago

Participation Prizes at Global Hacks

Hi! Hackers,

There's just around 60 hours remaining for Global Hacks to commence....

As we have promised, all participants will receive 30 days access to Wolfram One and a $20 Coupon to Linode. We will email the Wolfram One Access email within the next 2 days to all participants. The Linode coupon code will be published on our Discord server only, so make sure you join our Discord as soon as possible.


Also, as we have promised the e-certificates will be mailed to all of you who submit projects on Devpost after the Hackathon ends.


Thank you,


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23 days ago

Please fill out this typeform...

Hi! Hackers,

To be eligible for prizes please fill out this typeform;



P.S. IF you still haven't joined our Discord, reigster now at https://discord.gg/9KRq4d




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.

24 days ago

Register on our Discord...

Hi! Hackers... 

Thanks for registering for Global Hacks on Devpost, now make sure you click the Join Discord button and join our Discord...

You will be able to find teammates and have fun, also most of our events will be held on Discord... Just click the Link below...




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.